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Gentle Homeo Care

Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and effective method which acts on whole individual and restores his/her sickness to health by strengthening the weakened vital force.

Everyone’s health is precious, so we always try to preserve our health in a gentle way and homeopathy is one of the gentle ways which restores the health of an individual. I welcome everyone (for all ages, adults, kids and elderly people), who desires to stay healthy by the gentlest homeopathy consultation…..

Consultation by phone/skype is available.


Sudharani Raja BHMS RSHom(NA) CCH

I am a Classical Homeopath. As a Classical Homeopath, I have consulted the conditions considering the whole individual not limiting to a particular organ or condition. I have earned vast knowledge and experience in Homeopathy by the consultations given to my clients and with their satisfied results I am dedicated to my profession, Homeopathy.

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, India. This included 4 1/2 years of medical training and 1 year of internship.

I am a registered member of North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH). NASH aims to maintain the highest level of homeopathic practice. NASH set standards of homeopathic practice and created registry of homeopaths highly trained in the practice of classical homeopathy in order to communicate to consumers and protect them.


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy(from homeo, meaning “similar”, and pathos, meaning “suffering”) is based on the law of similars, which is, any substance which can produce a group of symptoms in a healthy human being can remove the similar group of symptoms from a sick human being. The Law of Similars, was a basic contribution of Samuel Hahnemann, a German medical doctor dissatisfied with the crude practices of his day. Hahnemann systematized this law by doing “provings”, or systematic recordings of symptoms produced by substances on healthy human beings. According to Hahnemann, vital force animates the living organism in health in a harmonious function and in sickness it is the vital force that is deranged first, so the deranged harmonious function is manifested as signs and symptoms. So homeopathic remedy helps the deranged vital force to become stable and balance, and in turn the health is restored by itself with the removal of signs and symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies in different potencies are given according to the individual needs and sensitivity. There are acute (that lasts for short time for eg.,fever, cold, cough, sore throat) and chronic (conditions of long duration), and for both of the conditions, Homeopathic remedies do well. For acute conditions homeopathic remedies reduce the intensity and the number of days of your suffering.

History of homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann is the founder of the Homeopathy, he is called the Father of Homeopathy. James Tyler Kent was an American physician best remembered as a forefather of modern homeopathy. George Vithoulkas is a Greek teacher and practitioner of homeopathy. He have had a profound influence upon the acceptance and practice of homeopathy worldwide.

Below are the few verses from their contributions:

Homeopathy employs medicines to the patient in simple form, but in minute doses so small that, without occasioning pain or weakening, injuring and torturing him in the very least, the disease is extinguished, which restores the patient in a short time to perfect health.

Homeopathy is a simple system of medicine, always fixed in its principles.

Only one, single simple substance should be given to the patient at one time.

The practitioner, therefore , only needs to take away the totality of the disease signs, and he has removed the entire disease.


Man is the will and the understanding and the house which he lives is in his body. The real sick man is prior to the sick body. Symptoms are the language of the nature, showing the internal nature of the sick man or woman.

The remedy, which will produce on the healthy man similar symptoms, is the one which will overcome the sickness and restore the health in sick

Homeopathy has two parts: the science of homeopathy and the art of homeopathy. One has to learn the art of homeopathy to prepare himself for the application of the science of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a simple system of medicine, always fixed in its principles.

It is necessary to know the sickness, not from pathology, not from physical analysis, no matter how important these branches are, but by symptoms, the language of nature.

By James Tyler Kent

Health is freedom from pain in the physical body, having attained a state of well-being; freedom from passion on the emotional level, having as a result a dynamic state of serenity and calm; and freedom from selfishness in the mental sphere, having as a result total unification with Truth

The vital force is an influence which directs all aspects of life in the organism. Clearly, the vital force includes a wide variety of functions, and that aspect of the vital force which establishes balance in states of disease we call the “defence mechanism”.

Homeopathy recognizes symptoms as the defence mechanism’s best attempt to restore the health and endeavors to cooperate with it via the Law of Similars, which is a method arising out of the principle of resonance.

By George Vithoulkas


The client will be asked to fill out a form at the time of his/her first appointment. This form is about the current complaint, personal and family medical history.

The first appointment lasts for 60 – 90 minutes, for the client to speak about his sickness. Usually the follow-up visits are after 4 weeks, to review the effect of remedy and the prognosis of the client’s condition in response to the remedy, but the follow-up visits may be after few days or couple of weeks depending on his/her condition, if frequent observation is necessary.


Directions for taking medicine.

Dissolve 4 globules under the tongue, do not chew or swallow the medicine until it get dissolved. Always take the medicine half an hour after eating and do not eat anything for half an hour after taking the medicine, not even water.

Store the remedies away from sunlight, strong-smelling perfumes, cosmetics, foods, and detergents. Do not carry the remedy in your handbag with cosmetics and perfumes. Do not touch the remedy with your fingers.


Initial consultation (1-1.5 hours).

Follow up consultation (30 – 60 minutes).


Over the past decade, Homeopathy consultation fees have risen much. And it’s taking a toll on overall health and preventative care: One in four forgo necessary Homeopathy visits because they can’t afford it.

While health insurance can ease the financial burden, but Homeopathy don’t have any form of insurance. Due to lack of Health Insurance, for more serious health problems, where Homeopathy able to give a solution, for people to afford for such consultations which can make an even bigger hollow in their wallet.

Homeopathy discount plans are ways that you can get the Homeopathy care you need while saving on out-of-pocket expenses.

Membership Plan

Homeopathy discount plans can make services more budget-friendly for you and your family. Plans typically average between $25 for individuals and $79 for families monthly.

Homeopathy discount plans usually have a much lower consultation fee and offer patients around a 75% discount on Homeopathy services.

Homeopathy works better for preventive purposes for example for a particular bacterial or viral infection prevailing and with the suitable right remedy for that particular infection works as preventive.

You pay the Homeopath directly for your services (for fever, cold, cough, flu, seasonal allergies and long-term conditions etc.,), and only pay $35 for each consultation you need — there are no other fees. Plus, there are generally no waiting periods for the consultations you need.

With homeopathy discount plans, it brings 75% savings from your visit cost. You pay the remaining balance for the services and remedies after the discount.

Overall, you will likely pay less for Homeopathy consultations over a Homeopathy discount plan. However, if your favorite Homeopath is out of your insurance plan’s network, you will have to pay much for consultations, so weigh the pros and cons of this discount option to choose what’s best for you.

If this Homeopathy discount plan sounds like the best option for you and your family, you can shop for your plan immediately.

Are you ready to protect you and your family’s overall health?

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